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Frequently Asked Questions about Solution Station

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Q. I am looking for solutions for a particular vendor but they don’t seem to be on the site?

Currently not all our vendors are visible on the site, just because we have had to stagger our approach to ensure that content going live was current and fresh. We have a goal and objective to load more vendors into the site every 3 months! If you have a particular request for a vendor to go live yet – tweet us @ArrowECS_TheHub or complete your detail at Contact Us.

Q. I can’t find the solution I am looking for?

Without all our vendors visible some solutions you would naturally tend to piece together might not be visible yet. If this is the case and there is something key you think should be loaded, we would love to hear from you. Just tweet us @ArrowECS_The Hub or complete your details at Contact Us.

Q. Can I add a tried and tested solution?

We would love for you to add your tried and tested solutions to the site and we will reward you 5 recognition points for doing so! Adding solutions couldn’t be easier – click here to complete the details.

Q. What are Recognition Points?

Recognition Points is the Solution Station’s reward programme for your usage of the site. You can collect recognition points for finding and quoting solutions as well as keeping your account profile up to date. From time to time you will be able to take advantage of promotional recognition point schemes to really boost your totals – so stay close to the site and us via twitter where we will publish these details.

Q. How can I use Recognition Points?

Recognition points can be used on the Arrow InPartnership scheme. The InPartnership scheme allows you to purchase anything from an iPad Air to a digital camera. The store stocks over 30,000 items and has an Amazon request function to guarantee you get exactly what you have been looking for.

Q. When can I cash in my points?

Recognition Points can be cashed in once achieving 100 points, or you can keep them safe in your account until you’re ready. Once you claim your points, you will be notified of an InPartnership account and that your transfer has been completed.

Q. How do I cash in my points?

Cashing in your Recognition Points couldn’t be easier - just simply go to Your Account and click the Cash In button next to your points total.

Q. Where can I find the Arrow Line Card?

The Arrow Line Card can be found here

Q. What is the Solution Station?

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